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happy pupstomers + happy customers 




"You are absolutely amazing! I have never seen something that so perfectly captured Bert's essence. 


You and your business are both wonderfully inspirational, and I look forward to making many more purchases in the future. I and all of my good friends are animal people, and I will be telling all of them about you as well!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for using your talents to make the world a better and brighter place. This will be such a great thing to have during their time of dealing with this loss."



"Omg....Sarah I started crying the minute I opened that picture. I can’t even explain how amazing this came out! I am going to shout out to everyone how amazing and talented you are. I can’t wait for my fiancé to see this!! Again, thank you so much!!!! I will def be purchasing more from you for our two fur kitty babies :)"



"I just started crying at work! You are AMAZING! Honestly, everything I've seen that you do is really wonderful, but in my head I was like "Zuzu will be too hard because she's hard to photograph." (Black hair & all) Boy was I wrong. You nailed it! Those eyes are perfect! She's not even my dog & now I don't want to give it to him. Hah!"





You somehow captured her little personality so well HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I will def share on insta and tag you!!!


I cant thank you enough - I start a full time job this Monday after working from home and am going tot miss my dog so much and plan to frame this/stare at it all day at my office.


Thank you again - you are the best!!!"



"This is UNBELIEVABLE! You truly have an amazing eye and what’s even more fantastic is that your passion for animals comes through in your art! I will absolutely be sharing this along with spreading the word of the amazing work you do to as many people as I can. My neighbor is going to absolutely stunned with how amazing Seamus looks! I cannot thank you enough!!"



"OH MY FLIPPING G!! I screamed and now I’m crying this made me so happy!!! You even got his little orange chin!! Wow thank you for what you do and yes I will tag you and hype you up because YOU DESERVE IT. WOW♥️


Okay, I’m okay. Thank you so much and I wish the best for you and your little company.  You definitely have a customer for life!"



"OH MY GOSH!!!! I'm freaking out!! Thank you so much it looks amazing!! I cannot wait to give it to my mom, she's going to LOVE it! Don't worry, I've already told so many people about you and shown them your paintings, I'm sure you'll be getting some business from them. I can't thank you enough!"



"I was introduced to sarahpaintspets through a friend of a friend. We were so excited when the paintings came to our house, they looked even better in person! After that, we were sold. Since then, we have had Sarah do paintings for multiple friend's dogs as gifts, and they absolutely loved them. She includes so much detail, and even offers handmade cards with the pet on it to include with your painting.  If you are looking for someone with loads of talent and heart to paint your furry friend, Sarah is that person!



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