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How do I order?

Visit the order here tab to select your portrait size. Send me an email to with your favorite reference pictures of your pet. Pictures with natural lighting are best! Please include some fun facts about your pet and if this is a gift or for yourself.

What kind of picture should I include?

I know, your adorable pet can work any angle...but be sure to to capture a close up of your furry friend. Front-facing pictures and pictures with natural lighting are best! For help on how to choose a picture, you can receive my free reference picture guide.

What details do I include?

Anything that helps me get to know your pet! Previous customers have mentioned anything from the pet's favorite toy, their favorite memory with them, and everything in between. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Typical turnaround time takes 2-3 weeks so that I can include all of the special details in your painting. Be sure to order in advance near the holidays to ensure gifts are delivered on time. There are a select number of spots during busy times and, while I appreciate the support for my small business, I hate having to turn people away.

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